Summer Play

Summers in the desert are hot and somewhat humid with temperatures soaring to over 105 degrees by mid-afternoon.  Early mornings can reach the 80’s before 7AM and be over 90 degrees by 9AM.  It is important that you prepare properly for summer play.

When playing in the morning it is strongly recommended that you wear loose light colored clothing that breathe.  Sun visors or hats should be worn to keep the sun off your face, eyes and head. “Cool cloths” are popular to help your body handle the heat.  Sunglasses are also a necessity to keep the strong rays of the sun from damaging your eyes.  Sunscreen should be applied liberally before coming out to the courts to prevent sunburn.  Bug spray is sometimes necessary during evening play, especially during the monsoon season.

You should bring plenty of water with you.  The closest water fountain is outside the bathrooms between the tennis and pickleball courts.