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Court Strategy

Playing in the Kitchen
Check out this video from the Pickleball Channel created to answer the most frequent questions they’ve gotten about the kitchen. At some point every pickleball player has had to clarify the unique rules that surround the non-volley zone, or kitchen. Watch Alex Hamner and Jennifer Lucore, two top pickleball pros, and Rusty Howes of Pickleball Channel, demonstrate in a fun and fanciful way exactly what you can do with this part of the court. Knowing these details will help improve your game and get to that ball faster!

Non Volley Zone (NVZ) Rules
Ever heard someone disagree about a non-volley zone foot fault? Look no further! This fun video is the most complete non-volley zone rule video ever! Packed full of information, it is a one-stop shop for you to have all your questions answered and learn more about the multi-faceted non-volley zone rule in pickleball. Hear from pickleball champions Alex Hamner and Jennifer Lucore alongside host Rusty Howes, as they break down the non-volley zone rule in its entirety as well as show some helpful real-life examples of actual NVZ faults. Reviewed by the USAPA, this video is a necessity in understanding this fun game of pickleball!

Line Calls
Have you ever heard the saying “when in doubt call it out”? Well that’s literally the worst thing you can do when it comes to line calls. Watch this video to find out what you should do!

Third Shot Drop
What’s an important shot that can make or break your game? It’s the third shot drop! Watch this episode of Pickleball 411 as Rusty has the privilege of talking with top 5.0 player Wes Gabrielsen. Wes gives you the low down about this tricky shot, telling you why it’s important and how.

Third Shot Drop with Dave Weinbach
Do you struggle with your 3rd shot? If you do or if you’d simply like your 3rd shot to be better then this is the lesson for you. In this video US Open Champion and National Champion Dave Weinbach will share with you some great tips and advise on how to hit a reliable and effective 3rd shot drop.

Mastering the Third Shot Drop                                                                            This video shows the ideal path the ball should take on a 3rd shot drop from your paddle into the opposing player’s court. Jordan Briones also covers why it can actually be a good thing if the opposing player is able to volley the drop rather than it bouncing in the NVZ.

Reading Ball Spin
As you advance in the sport, you need to understand how to read ball spins so that you can move properly to the ball without having to wait for the ball to bounce. Often if you wait for the ball to bounce it is too late to get ready in the proper position.

This video will show you: 1- how to recognize the type of spin that a shot will impart on the ball and 2- what the different spin (under or top) will do to the ball once it bounces. You can use this information to make sure you are in a better position from where to hit the ball.

Avoid Premature Attacks-Play Winning, Not Losing Pickleball

Want to win more pickleball points? Then you need to know what went right and also what went wrong when you play a pickleball point. In this video we break down specific pickleball points to explore the pickleball fundamentals that led to the outcome. And we look at each point from both sides, the pickleball serve and the pickleball return (vastly different worlds). Was it just an amazing shot by one player? Or, more likely, was it a culmination of shots and decisions on both sides that led to the result?

When to attack from the non-volley zone

Are you attacking too soon? Not soon enough? Not sure? In this video, you’ll learn exactly which ball to attack vs. which one to dink or reset and why for maximum success on the court…

Shot Selection


3 Mistakes to avoid while Volleying
Find out if you’re making these three big mistakes when volleying by watching this informative Pickleball 411 episode. Most players know that the volley is an essential part of any player’s pickleball game, but it can be a bit tricky to master. Watch and improve your own game as we talk with top 5.0 player Scott Moore who breaks it down for you and gives insight into how to make your volley successful.

Pickleball Volley Lesson
Brian Staub explains the mechanics of the traditional volley as well as the top spin volley.

Back Hand Volley 
Here’s a step by step breakdown recently done on top male pro Tyson McGuffin’s backhand volley. See what key positions you need to be achieving in your stroke in order to nail the backhand volley like Tyson.

Forward Components of all Volleys
We just released a new episode which explains the ” Forward Component of ALL Volleys”. Keys are: 1. Take the ball early 2. Nose over toes 3. Go forward with the ball to make sure it clears the net. Lots of shots from the side and front as well as slow motion of both forehand and backhand to show correct body and paddle position. This should help you visualize then execute the forward component of all volleys!

Half Volley Pickup
Oops, you hit it up. Don’t turn your back… prepare to hit the half volley pick up shot.

Pickleball Life – Half Volley
The subject shot is called a half volley. The name is a bit of a misnomer, though, as it is actually a groundstroke. The shot is defined as “A groundstroke shot where the paddle contacts the ball immediately after it bounces from the court and before the ball rises to its potential height.” A half volley is needed when an opponent hits a shot to a player’s feet, thus requiring a return made on the “short-hop”. The most likely area where this occurs is in the mid-court as players earn their way to the net.



How to hit a Lob
A lob can be an effective pickleball shot, especially when both of your opponents are at the non-volley zone. Learn how to hit a regular and topspin lob in this video.

The Secret of the Lob
Here’s one of the most under-rated shots which you can use just like the PROS. It can be used both offensively and defensively helping you take control of the game. This versatile stroke is the lob. Hear from 5.0 player Stephanie Lane as she gives a quick tip about how to use the lob to your advantage. She even gives an easy exercise to practice the lob on your own. Get back into position on the court, move your opponents away from the net, and win with the help of a good lob!

Ultimate Offensive Lob Drill

1-2-3 Lob Drill


How to hit Quality Overheads
Being able to use an overhead to put away lobs is a key skill in pickleball. Third Shot Sports coach Mark Renneson shows you how to get effortless power through good technique.

4 Keys to Hitting a Good Overhead Smash
Overheads or a Smash is fun when it goes in and frustrating when you miss! These are 4 keys to hitting a good pickleball overhead.

Overhead Smash Drills

More Overhead Smash Drills

Doubles Play

Doubles Pickleball Strategies 101
“How to play smart pickleball – Ten Tips” This video provides strategy and tips for playing smart pickleball. It discusses shot selection, court positioning, etc. The focus is on pickleball strategy.

Doubles Pickleball Strategies 201
“Dinking” This video discusses doubles pickleball strategy and in particular dinking strategy. It shows where and how to dink the ball.

Doubles Pickleball Strategies 301
“Six Rules of the Fast Volley Game” Describes how to play the fast volley game in pickleball. Shows strategy and when and where to place the ball. This video also shows how to judge when the pickleball will likely go out of bounds.

Basic Pickleball Strategies
One hour video – moves from Intermediate strategies to Advanced

The Serve

October 9, 2008 Bruce Redman, of Delton, gets ready to serve the ball during a pickleball match in Lexington Green Park in Portage Thursday. (Jennifer Harnish / Gazette)

The Underhand Serve
In our second episode of Pickleball 411, we explain the underhand serve motion. Using some clear motion graphics, our host, Rusty Howes, will walk us through the three main elements of the underhand serve motion: Underhand Stroke, Ball Contact and Paddle Head Position. We hope this short video will help clarify some of the trickier points of this part of the serve and answer those burning questions you’ve always pondered (“Where exactly IS my waist…?).

Three serves and why you need them
In this episode of Pickleball 411, our host, Rusty Howes, is joined by Jennifer Lucore, Alex Hamner and Bob Youngren who demonstrate the different serves they use and explain when and why they use them. Not only do you get to see these serves demonstrated by top players, you get the detailed strategy of why you need to know different serves.

Serving Fundamentals – Serving for Success
An effective, reliable serve is critical to your pickleball success. This instructional video covers all of the fundamentals and is sure to make you a better server.

Return of Serve Techniques
Return of serve can be an effective pickleball weapon. This video reviews how to hit a top spin, under spin and short hop return of serve.


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