NEW Online Court Reservation Process

Please read all eleven items below by scrolling down. Thanks.

  1. Court reservations made during “Club-Play” times (as shown on the current Club-Play Schedule pages) will not be honored.
  2. SCOV Pickleball Club members in good standing are permitted to book courts using this system.
  3. Please check the current Club-Play schedule.
  4. When you first visit this reservation system with your web browser, you will need to select our Club from the list of available sites. When revisiting, you will not need to go through this step again.

5. To view the reservations, you do not need to log in. But in order to actually make a reservation, you will need to log into the reservation system
by clicking on the “Sign In” icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

6. Then fill in the password for our site: “scov

( IT MUST BE IN lowercase )

and then click the Sign In button:

7. This new system will only allow you to pick courts and time slots showing without a label on the reservation calendar, as long as they are not grayed out. If they are grayed out, that means either that the timeslot is beyond the coming two day reservation window… or you have not yet signed into the court reservation system.

8. When making a reservation, please select the reservation Length, supply the names of the folks playing with you in the “Reservation Box” form field, and add you name in the “Your name” field, before clicking the “Reserve” button.

9. Reservations can be made no more than 2 days in advance.Reservation requests are automatically approved and confirmed by this system.

10. Please be kind to the other members and limit your reservations to a reasonable number.

11. If you accidentally book the wrong court or date/time, or if you have double-booked, please email us at and tell us which of your reservations to remove.  We’ll take care of it.

The Pickleball Club board and webmasters are continuing to work on improving this process.  Please be patient.