Medical Emergencies

NEVER run backwards !!! That is when most accidents happen.

As with all sports, playing “smart” is important, since injuries can occur. Sprained ankles and wrists are the most common, but more serious incidents sometimes happen… such as fractures to the ankle or wrist/arm and head trauma.

There are two First Aid Kits nearby if someone is injured.   A complete kit can be found in the pickleball/tennis storage room in a bottom left side cabinet. The cabinet door is marked and can be seen as you walk into the storage room. The kit includes ice packs, bandages, tape, antiseptic solution and ointment plus additional items. Water is stored next to the kit in gallon size jugs. The restrooms are next door to the storage room if additional water is needed.

A smaller kit can be found in the gray bin located in the player sitting area in front of Pickleball court 1.  The kit includes band aids, bandages and other items to treat minor injuries.

If an injury occurs on the court, an Incident Report should be filled-out and submitted to the SCOV Administration Office (Welcome Center) or to the AFC (Aquatic and Fitness Center) monitor staff, if the Administration Office is closed.

An automated external defibrillator (AED) is located in the pickleball/tennis storage room.  The machine will provide verbal and visual instructions about how it is to be used. Always call 911 first if an emergency occurs that requires the use of CPR and or the AED.

In addition, there is an AED located in the Views Restaurant and in the Fitness Center (call monitor at 520-917-8067 after calling 911). All monitors are annually trained to use the AED. There is an emergency phone in a wall box located by the Coke machine on the tennis patio next to the restrooms.

If you are a Sun City resident and would like to attend AED training, contact Lonnie Davis, Fitness Supervisor, at 520-917-8073.  Classes are usually held the third Wednesday of every month. The class lasts about 90 minutes.