Liability Waiver

Sun City Oro Valley Pickleball Club

Waiver, Release, and Assumption of Risk Acknowledgement

In consideration of the SCOV Pickleball Club accepting my application for entry into this Club, I hereby waive, release, and discharge the SCOV Pickleball Club officers, members and guests from any claims for personal injury or property damage resulting from my participation in this Club.

I agree to assume risk of injury related to my participation or the participation of my guests, and I understand that no medical insurance is provided by the SCOV Pickleball Club.

Should I become injured at the pickleball courts during play or as an observer on or off the courts, I agree to complete and submit a formal SCOV HOA Incident Report.

I have read and will abide by the SCOV Pickleball Club’s safety guidelines which are posted on the Club’s website.  I consent to emergency care if I am injured or ill.

By checking the box below, I acknowledge that I have read this waiver and release, and fully understand its terms.