Draft – By-Laws – August 2019

Over the past several months, your Board of Directors and an ad hoc Bylaws committee have been reviewing our present bylaws and suggesting changes to reflect how our club operates or should operate.

While many these changes are essentially editorial, there are a number that are more substantive.

As you review the revised Bylaws, and perhaps compare them to the Bylaws that currently guide us, please note the following changes, of varying significance:

  1. The old Bylaws refer to members “in good standing.” In fact, the only requirement for joining SCOVPC and remaining a member is payment of dues. Therefore, all references to “good standing” have been edited out. Similarly, references to “dues and assessments” have been edited to remove “assessments,” since there is no mechanism to “assessing” anyone, other than payment of dues.
  2. The scheduling for voting for Board members has been moved up to enable new Board members to assume office by January 1 and therefore to attend the SCOV leadership meeting in mid-January. The fact that we now conduct voting electronically is also acknowledged in the new Bylaws.
  3. There are a number of changes regarding frequency of Board meetings, along with clarification of which meetings are open to the general membership and distribution of minutes.
  4. Responsibilities of Board officers have been clarified.