Court Courtesy Statement

At SCOV we do not yet require the USAPA skill level ratings (2.0 – 5.0) for most of our members. Rather, we rely on members to self-rate themselves as beginners/novice (1.0-2.5), casual (2.5-3.0), and competitive (3.0-3.5). Tourney (3.5-5.0) players have a USAPA rating from participating in outside tournaments. The USAPA skills levels are defined HERE.

In general, please observe the scheduled time slots designated as beg/novice, casual, competitive, or tourney. Although it is appropriate for casuals or competitives to test their increased skills in the next higher levels. Competitive or tourney players are encouraged to occasionally play in a lower skills level when a player is needed.

When your designated time slot (beg/novice, competitive, casual, tourney or reserved) is over, yield the court to those waiting.

Please respect the order of the paddles. If you wish to vary the grouping of players, do not displace paddles ahead of you without owner’s permission. Feel free to move your own paddle back to mix players. Please put your name and telephone number on your paddle sticker.

If you wish to play with a particular foursome, keep your paddles together as a group or reserve a court. Do not move others’ paddles without permission.

Doubles play takes precedence over singles play due to limited courts.

You do not have to play with everyone even if your paddles are adjacent. Move your paddle back in line as necessary.

When trying to play up in the next higher skill level, ask permission of those better players to test your improved skills.

Playing with others of similar skill levels is more enjoyable than a game with missmatch in skills.

Abusive or foul language is not appropriate during or after game play. Neither is slamming or throwing your paddle.

Do not destroy club property. If you feel a ball is no longer good for play, please place in the “bad ball bag” on court 3. Do not crush the ball.

Treat others the way that you would like to be treated.

May 2020