Check out these books for tips and tidbits on improving your pickleball playing skills:

Pickleball Fundamentals USA Pickleball Association with Mary Littlewood
The first book written and endorsed by the USA Pickleball Association. Learn the basic skills and techniques…groundstroke, serve and return, volley, dink, overhead smash and drop.

Smart Pickleball: The Pickleball Guru’s Guide by Prem Carnot
Prem Carnot, the Pickleball Guru, uses case studies and personal examples to teach the intricacies of playing pickleball.

The Art of Pickleball (Fourth Edition): Techniques and Strategies for Everyone by Gale H Leach
This book covers skills such as basic and advanced strokes and tips for singles and doubles play along with offensive and defensive strategies. Includes information on equipment, playing skills and strategies plus etiquette, ethics and safety. Step-by-step instructions with pictures are provided.

At the Line Pickleball: The Winning Doubles Pickleball Strategy by Joe Baker
This book provides a shot-by-shot guide, showing you the highest percentage shot for about every playing situation. Topics covered include court teamwork, communication, and dinking.  Baker also covers topics like court coverage teamwork and communication, dinking and ball striking technique. Diagrams make the information easy to follow.

Mind Game: A Quantum Performance Leap for Competitive Pickleball and Tennis by Neil P. Schulenburg

This book will help you learn how to reach the right frame of mind for success. Mind Game helps players improve their own mental focus and understand the mental focus of other athletes. Dr. Schulenburg shows you how to think about the game and review your performance.

Pickleball Zen – The Inner Game by Paul Hudanich
Now serious pickleball players can have their own “mind” coach. Other books teach you how to “play”, this book will teach you to WIN.

Winning Pickleball Strategies by Pat Farber Zito
If you want a concise, easy to understand, quick bullet-point list of winning strategies, this is your guide. Also included are exercises for strengthening your “Pickleball ” muscles.

Coach “Mo” Strategy Guide Handout (printable)
Provides basic strategies for tackling the top 10 reasons for losing more games than you win.