2020 Ballot for PB board candidates

The statements of each of our three candidates for the TWO open positions are below the ballot itself.

Christine Dean

Hi fellow Pickleballers!

My name is Christine Dean, and I’m running for the
Board of Directors of the SCOV Pickleball Club. I am a Pickleball fanatic.
I LOVE everything about the sport–the mentoring, the play, the exercise and
health benefits, and the friendships and camaraderie.
I began playing about nine years ago after a hip replacement. I was looking
for some fun exercise to regain my strength and agility–boy, did that work out
well. I get up every morning excited to go play.

As a Board member I would love to continue the excellent work of past and
present Board members increasing membership in the club, maintaining our
beautiful courts, supporting efforts to build more courts and providing fun
special events for everyone.

My background is as a video and electronic media producer. My husband, Bill
(married 47 years and counting) and I ran a media production company based
in Minneapolis for 35 years. We developed promotional videos, websites,
brochures and educational and computer-based training for clients in the
United States and Europe. We traveled around the world producing video for
a variety of organizations including educational publishers, health care
products companies, government entities, energy generation companies, and
many more.

My husband Bill and I, now retired, run a small not-for-profit company called
Arts of Ecuador created to provide artisan families in Ecuador with a fair
market price and a steady market for their products. Arts of Ecuador also
provides funding for the education of the children of these families. Our
primary product is children’s knit animal hats, which we sell to giftshops in
zoos and aquariums and in tourist areas. (https://artsofecuador.com/aboutus/)
I would very much like to do my part to support SCOV Pickleball. Serving on
the Board is one way to do that, but you will see me involved in other activities
as well. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by phone,
email or text. See you on the courts!!!!

Doug Brown

Doug was born in Vancouver Wa. in 1954 and grew up in the small town of
Washougal Wa. “It was a great place to grow up as we had woods to play in
and rivers to swim in. Quiet streets to ride our bikes on and the freedom to
explore our surroundings as long as our parents knew where we were. A
simpler time for sure.”

Doug went to work for Crown Zellerbach paper company in 1975 and spent
forty years there. He met his wife, Laurie, in 1979 when the mill was on strike.
They had time together but little money in those days. “Funny, but those were
very happy times!”

Doug and Laurie have three sons. Laurie was a teacher and taught in Camas
and Washout for thirty years.

They discovered pickle ball several years ago and got hooked on this
addictive sport! After buying a home in Sun City a year ago May, they sold
their house in Washington this past summer. “I love all the activities here in
Sun City and the great people who call this home.” Doug looks forward to
helping out with pickleball and has a number of ideas to bring to his service on
the board.

Doug would like to see:

  1. Additional training classes for all levels of play.
  2. Maybe designate one court for novice players during casual time, giving
    them a chance to play with others at their skill level.
  3. Offer a longer crossover time between advanced and casual play so
    advanced casuals could play several games with competitive players.
    Doug is open to suggestions and is happy to work with Sun City pickleball
    club and board members to make our club even better.
Nancy Vander Ark

I am a native of Arizona. I was born in Phoenix and lived my entire life in the
big city. We moved to Sun City in December, 2019 and never regretted
leaving for a small community. We have 3 adult children and 6 grandchildren,
one family living close by which allows me to attend soccer games, baseball
games, band concerts of our grandchildren. It really has been a slice of
heaven. When we arrived, with all the activities, I felt like I was on a cruise
ship without water.

I am a former high school teacher working with At-Risk students. It was a
very fulfilling career and at times you will hear my teacher voice. For one
year, I worked with the Phoenix Police Department in Community Relations,
specializing in learning Conflict Resolution Skills and then teaching those
skills to the schools in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. It was a significant life
changing experience.

When I moved to Sun City, one of my goals was to learn to play pickle
ball. You all provided an opportunity for me to jump in immediately in the
Beginning Class. I met friends and slowly eased up to Casual Play. I found
mentors and friends that allowed me to learn and play. Thank you.
We are a growing group and with so many and dealing with the virus, we have
had to make major adjustments to how we play. There have been a great
group of people trying to solve all the issues that come up. THANKFULLY,
we were allowed to continue to play while all of the other courts in the area
had to shut down. It takes lots of time to plan, organize, and make the
necessary changes to continue to play. As all of the changes that took place,
communication was important. I see a need to continue the ongoing policies
that must be made in order for so many people to play on only 5 courts. I
hope to add that bridge to communicate with others and those changes and
allowing so many people to play on the courts, peacefully. Happy hours and
wine are a great opportunity to discuss and I love to entertain.

Thank you for the opportunity to maybe serve and help with this great