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New SCOV PB website

After a demonstration and full discussion during the August 2018 open meeting, the SCOV Pickleball Club’s Board of Directors decided  to move our website from Wild Apricot Systems (WAS) to a custom website hosted at Siteground.com.

The needs of the Club were identified as:

  • Membership management
  • Court Scheduling
  • Event Management
  • Email Blasts
  • Surveys, Voting & Polling
  • Club information (rules, policies, $$$)
  • General PB information & education

The reason for the change:

  1. Wild Apricot Systems (WAS) have dramatically increased their fees.
  2. Authoring/editing web pages and email blasts are cumbersome and limited in functionality on WAS.
  3. WAS is a business primarily focused on fund-raising for philanthropies and membership-growth for fee-based subscriptions and organizations. We’re the only PB Club using WAS, as far as we can determine.
  4. The no-cost service from Skedda for court scheduling:
    – Is labor intensive,
    – Has limited functionality and
    – Provides very little customer support (from outside the US)

Total cost comparison for the coming 3 years

Wild Apricot Systems =  $2,916 or more
Custom website =  about $400 fixed cost

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